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Effective 2015 UNITED AUCTIONEERS & APPRAISERS LLC will no further conduct equipment auctions. I make this decision because of health reasons and the dirty underhanded tactics of the big equipment auction companies in the equipment market. In order to compete with them I would have to be more underhanded than they are, that I will not do. Nevertheless, I will continue to provide first class equipment appraisals as I have for the last thirty-one years.

Mr. Contractor you should be hiring me to represent your interests when you deal one on one with the big Auction Companies. You know the contracting business and after thirty-one years I know the auction business. In the old days, selling by straight commission the auction companies represented you. Simply put, the harder they worked for you, the more money they made. It was self motivating. Today, the big boys represent themselves using fear factor and every trick in the book to get your equipment away from you and make all the money. Sure, I’ve heard the largest auction company in the world gets high prices at their auctions, but you don’t get it, as they have already guaranteed or bought your equipment outright on a cheap deal. The big auction companies didn’t get big by undercharging. Whether it is a guarantee or a direct buy, the big boys want your equipment for less so they make all the money. They look for the big clean preemie package, push the fear factor, and then surround your equipment with worn out consignments from others. That’s how it all works.

This is where I come in; I represent you against the big boys. With thirty plus years in the big iron game, I know all the games and tricks the big auction companies play to get your equipment. If you think the big auction companies are looking out for your best interests you are sadly mistaken. Don’t cut a deal with the big boys without my expertise. My fees are reasonable, and I will help you get the highest return on your equipment possible.

L.J. (Kip) Williams
Senior Appraiser/Consultant
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